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How to Log in to Schoology

1.    Open a Google Chrome Browser

2.    Go to

3.    Mouse over the "STUDENTS" section

4.    In the drop-down menu find "Learning Apps" and click it

5.    On the new page click on the "Schoology Student Log-in" graphic (black, white and blue)

6.    A "Sign in with Google" screen will appear. You may have accounts already listed.

1.    If accounts are listed please select the student's PAISD email.

2.    If accounts are listed but none are the student's PAISD email select "Use another account" and follow the next step.

3.    If no accounts are listed type in the student's PAISD email:

7.    The students Password is: firstinitialID#

8.    You should now be logged into Schoology.


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