Online Learning Information For Students Missing School

At the 9, we are working diligently to minimize the loss of instructional time caused by the COVID-19 Virus.  Our teachers have worked to enable their students to continue to receive the basic instruction at home via electronic means. 

The students can use the PAISD website to access the Learning APPS page at

Students can use APEX and Study Island as assigned by their teachers.

Signing in through the Learning Apps page should take them to their Google Account which is linked to all the apps.

Students will receive assignments from teachers through the use of Google Classroom. Teachers will link assignments, resources, and media so students can continue to receive instruction. Yes, students will have assignments and quizzes through Google Classroom and can receive grades accordingly. Please be diligent in having your student to check into Google Classroom daily.

To connect to Google Classroom go to

*All student can download the Google Classroom App to their phone if they do not have a computer.

Google Account Access

Password is FirstInitialID#

Ex—Username---Jonathon12345  Password—J12345