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AP Human Geography

Course Expectations: This is an Advance Placement course. This course is meant to be rigorous with the goal to prepare the student to take the AP Human Geography Exam and possibly receive college credit. This course is taught at a college level. The student is expected to have the maturity, intrinsic motivation and study skills to be successful in the course. Students will be required to complete all assigned readings, homework on time and be prepared for class. Students should set aside five to eight hours a week for assignments and studying.

Course Goals: The AP Human Geography course is a two-semester college level study of people and their interaction with the environment including the use and development of space. The course is also a study of processes that that are used to develop those spaces. The student will be able to identify and analyze the spatial patterns that have shaped the world we live in.

Teacher Recommendation: Students who wish to continue in the AP program will be required to maintain an 85% or better class average in accordance with district policy.

Virtual Classroom Rules


  1. All virtual classroom rules and procedures will mirror in-person classroom rules and procedures when possible.
  2. No cell phone use
  3. No ear buds in ears
  4. No wearing hoodies
  5. Be respectful to others/No profanity
  6. Follow PAISD dress code for virtual classroom

Virtual Classroom Procedures


  1. Logon to Zoom 5 minutes prior to class start time
  2. Once class starts and you are not logged on, you are tardy
  3. During class discussion raise your hand using the raise your hand icon
  4. When posting to discussion boards be respectful of other people's ideas
  5. Listen attentively during instruction using SLANT
  6. Turn work into Schoology.


  1. Reminder to stay on task
  2. Conference w/student
  3. Virtual removal from class
  4. Conference w/parent
  5. Referral to counselor 
  6. Referral to Assistant Principal

Major infractions/disruption will result in virtual removal from class and conference w/parents. counselors and administrators.


Classroom Rules


  1. Treat everyone with respect/No profanity
  2. Wear mask appropriately/Social Distance
  3. No Electronic Devices $15
  4. Keep your hands to yourself
  5. Follow all class, campus, & district policies



Conference w/student

Reassign seat

Parent conference

Refer to CIS

Refer to counselor

Refer to AP

Procedures are for minor offenses/Maj refer to AP


Classroom Procedures


  1. Enter classroom quietly, in dress code w/ student ID
  2. Wear mask appropriately & social distance
  3. When door is closed you are late! Get a tardy pass.
  4. Work on warm up quietly
  5. Listen attentively during instruction: SLANT/no sleeping in class
  6. Raise your hand to ask a question
  7. Transitions from one activity to the next are quiet
  8. Approach teacher’s desk only with permission
  9. Only leave your seat with teacher’s permission
  10. All work including makeup work is in Schoology
  11. Follow all verbal, and non-verbal directives for listening, transition, and discussion.
  12. Tests/Quizzes are silent. Talking will result in test taken and a zero recorded when finished read about a geography related subject.
  13. Teacher dismisses the class, not the bell!
  14. End of class everyone cleans up, no trash on floor or desks