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General Conduct Violations

General Conduct Violations

The categories of conduct below are prohibited at school, in vehicles owned or operated by the school district, an employee of the district, volunteer, student, or by the parent or guardian of a student and at all school-related activities, but the list does not include the most severe offenses. In the subsequent sections on Ou-of-School Suspension, DAEP Placement, Placement and/or Expulsion Offenses, and Expulsion, certain offenses that require or permit specific consequences are listed. Any offense, however, may be severe enough to result in Removal from the Regular Educational Setting as detailed in that section in the SCOC (Student Code of Conduct).

Instructional Time

Students shall not:
    • Roam in the hallways during instructional time without an authorized pass.
    • Loiter in the hallways, restrooms, classrooms or any other area on campus.
    • Be allowed to tend to personal hygiene and use of restroom after the start of classroom instructional time.
    • Disrupt the learning environment (talking without consent, laughing, loud noises, or other actions that cause a disruption to the learning environment).
    • Bring on campus any outside food, drinks, candy, snacks, etc. with the intent to consume distribute, or sell.
    • Leave the safety or supervision of their teacher, teacher aide, counselor, coach, administrator or any district employee acting in a supervisory role at any time without authorized written permission.

Disregard for Authority

Students shall not:
    • Fail to comply with directives given by school personnel (insubordination).
    • Violate dress and grooming standards as communicated in the Student Handbook.
    • Leave school grounds or school-sponsored events without permission.
    • Disobey rules for conduct in district vehicles.
    • Refuse to accept discipline management techniques assigned by a teacher or principal.

Mistreatment of Others

Students shall not:
    • Use profanity or vulgar language or make obscene gestures.
    • Fight or scuffle.
    • Threaten a district student, employee, or volunteer, including off school property, if the conduct causes a substantial disruption to the educational environment.
    • Engage in bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or making hit lists.
    • Release or threaten to release intimate visual material of a minor or a student attending memorial 9th Grade Academy with or without the student's consent.
    • Engage in conduct that constitutes sexual or gender-based harassment or sexual abuse, whether by word, gesture, or any other conduct, directed toward another person, including a district student, employee, board member, or volunteer.
    • Engage in conduct that constitutes dating violence.
    • Engage in inappropriate or indecent exposure of private body parts.
    • Participate in hazing.
    • Cause an individual to act through the use of or threat of force (coercion).
    • Commit extortion or blackmail (obtaining money or an object of value from an unwilling person).
    • Engage in inappropriate verbal, physical, or sexual conduct directed toward another person, including a district student, employee, or volunteer.
    • Record the voice or image of another without the prior consent of the individual being recorded or in any way that disrupts the educational environment or invades the privacy of others.
    • Wear clothing or items that reflect gang affiliation or depict any type of guns, skulls, death or violence.

Electronic Devices

Students may not display, turn on, or use a telecommunications device, including a cellular telephone, or other electronic devices on school property during the instructional day, including during all testing. The use of cell phones in locker rooms or restroom areas at any time, while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event is strictly prohibited. A student who uses a telecommunications device, including cellular phones, during the school day will have the device confiscated. The parent may pick up the confiscated device from the Principal's Office for a fee of $15. [*See policy FNCE] Students shall not use a telecommunications device, including a cellular telephone, or other electronic devices in violation of district and campus rules.