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About me

Hello!  My name is Jennifer Smith and I will be teaching World Geography and World History at the Memorial Ninth Grade Academy.  I have been teaching since 2016.  I spent my first two years teaching 5th grade Math and have been teaching World Geography since 2018 at Memorial Ninth Grade Academy.  I have a degree in Accounting from Strayer University and obtained my teaching license through Texas Teachers.  I served in the Marine Corp during Desert Storm. After my military experience, I married and have raised four daughters in the public education system.

“‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,’ Nelson Mandela said.  This statement and it’s truth is the basis of my teaching philosophy.  I feel that as a teacher, it is my job to help my students become the best that they can be and give them the tools to change and improve our world.

Virtual Classroom - Attached is my virtual classroom.  Easter eggs are hidden objects found in video games, films and other media.  These Easter eggs usually have hidden meanings.  Hidden in my virtual classroom are several Easter eggs that will help you navigate my classroom.  I have hidden a copy of the syllabus, rules and procedures, contact information and much more!
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