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About Us

Vision Statement

Memorial Ninth Grade Academy at Austin is a learning community committed to providing positive rigorous and meaningful learning experiences that promote the intellectual growth, social responsibility, physical development and creative stimulation for the development of students’ skills and abilities. The curriculum responds to evolving student interests and current global challenges and includes specialized and in-depth studies. Students are supported in taking intellectual and creative risks as they engage in their studies. At the Memorial Ninth Grade Academy cultural differences are honored and respected. It is our highest expectation to help all students to become confident learners and responsible global citizens.

Mission Statement

Memorial 9th Grade Academy, a thriving learning community, challenges and inspires students to discover their passions and pursue their goals through strong dedication and commitment to achieve success above and beyond high school.

Core Beliefs

Achievement: We aspire to reach the highest human capacity as we become citizens of the future.

Collaboration: Students, parents, teachers, and community work together to achieve the common goal of academic success.

Community: We work together with parents and community members to foster each student’s self-reliance and moral responsibility

Respect: We instill values of self-worth leading to respect of all people in their thoughts and behavior. We will treat everyone with respect.

Academic Honesty: Students must present work that represent their academic ability. Their work will exude trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity in their academic and social setting.