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Chromebook Expectations


Students please carefully read the following regarding Chromebooks.


  1. Students entering the building without a Chromebook

    • The student will be asked to report to ISS to contact their parent

    • The student will remain in ISS until their Chromebook is brought to school

    • If a student reports to a class without a Chromebook, the teacher must send that student to the office so the appropriate action can be taken (see above).


  2. Students whose Chromebook is not charged or needs to charge their Chromebook

    • Students must use their Chromebook until it dies (powers off)

    • Students with a dead device will be referred to the office by the teacher.

    • The student will be sent to ISS and use an ISS device while the their device is charged for 30 minutes.

    • The student will receive disciplinary action (including but not limited to detention, ISS, or OSS) for the next school day for not having a charged device.


  3. Students with a damaged device

    • Students will be informed of the procedure to have their device repaired.

    • Students that have followed this procedure will be given a daily temporary device, if available, until their device is repaired (District Technology will verify that the device is being repaired)

    • Students that have not followed this procedure will be sent to ISS.